Everest Poker Bonus Code

Everest Poker Bonus Code:  EN400

$500 BONUS



Everest Poker Bonus Details

Players will get a $500 bonus when signing up through this site and using the Bonus Code EN400.  No matter how much money you deposit your account will receive a $500 bonus.  Players will have 30 days to clear the bonus.

In order to clear the Everest Poker bonus players will have to earn Summit Points.   To earn Summit Points you simply just have to player poker.  Summit Points are awarded for both cash games and tournaments.  For cash games players will receive one Summit Point for every dollar that is raked in a hand that you were dealt in.

For every 12 Summit Points that are earned one dollar of the bonus will be released.  For tournaments players, eight Summit Points will be awarded for every dollar paid in tournament fees.  The bonus will expire after 30 days and will be released into our players account in one lump sum.

1. First step is to download the Everest Poker Software.  Use the following link and you will be taken to EverestPoker.com and click on the download button on the homepage.  Go to EverestPoker.com and Download Software


2. After you have download the Everest Poker software then you will want to run it.  When you run Everest Poker for the first time you will need to sign up for an Everest Poker account, as shown below.  It is very important to leave the blank space where it asks “Were you referred by a friend?”.  You will need to enter a bonus code but that it as a later step shown below.


3. After you create an account you will be taken to the Everest Poker lobby.  You will need to click on the bottom left button labeled “Account” and then click on “Bonus“.  The image below shows what you need to click.


4. This is the final step in creating an account.  This is where you will need to enter our Everest Poker Bonus Code: EN400.  This bonus code will give you a $500 bonus which is over 2x as much as the regular $200 bonus offered on EverestPoker.com.

This is very similar to how Full Tilt has their offer screen at signup; with a unique Full Tilt referral code needing to be entered in the screen – as opposed to this particular bonus code that needs to be input on the Everest signup page.

Sites like Everest and Full Tilt are also available in multiple languages as well, with the Full Tilt Poker Referenzcode being a unique bonus code you would enter if you were in a Spanish-speaking country like Mexico.

Everest Poker Background

Everest Poker has grown and improved pretty well since it was established last 2005. It definitely exceeded my expectations for an independent poker room. Aside from being famous for being geared towards international players, it takes pride in its newbie-friendly environment. Everest Poker offers a lot of games for beginners and low stakes players. With limits that can be as low as $0.10, every inexperienced player can find a table they can surely fit in. Most tables are mostly caters to low limit players. For me, this can be both a good and bad thing for a poker room.

The good thing is that, it becomes a place suitable for beginners. I can imagine how new and inexperienced players will flock into the room. On the bad side, high stakes players will most likely be alienated. They will eventually move to other rooms. In terms of financial security, I must admit I can’t expect from Everest, being an independent provider, the same amount of security I would expect from a huge network like 888.com. However, their reliable Financial Security team makes up for this liability.

If you’re looking for a USA poker room then Everest unfortunately doesn’t fit this bill right now.  If you’re looking to play for money check out the offerings at professional portals like PokerLaws.org for a comprehensive list of poker sites for Americans.

Everest Poker Software

The software was created privately by the Everest Network. In general, it runs smoothly. A particular feature that I like in this software is the ‘training room’. Here, first time players can get the feel of online poker before risking their bankroll. The table design is quite simple and orderly. Very similar to the tables at Carbon Poker as well, one of the best rooms on the web as well.   There are a lot of table backgrounds to choose from. Aside from being able to adjust the table window sizes, players can also adjust the resolution. Most poker rooms don’t have this amazingly useful option. Most of my friends found this feature very helpful in multi-table play. What I don’t like is that only 8 tables can be played simultaneously.

Compared to other rooms, which allow 15 or more tables, I wouldn’t really prefer Everest in terms of multi-table play. There are also reports of disconnect problems when playing multiple tables. Another downside of this software is that it takes up a lot of memory. This won’t be any problem for players with more than average computers but it is a major problem for the rest. Another thing I don’t like is the lack of variety in the games they offer. They only support Hold’em and Omaha games.

On the good side, their lobby is great. It provides the usual information like flop viewed percentage and number of hands per hour. What I like about the lobby is that they also show the stack of the players seated in a selected table. Searching for a table is also quite easy. All in all, the interface of Everest Poker is straightforward and very convenient to use.

Everest Bonus & Clearing Requirements

A player can get as much as $200 bonus for creating an account. Compared to other welcome bonuses in other rooms, this is not much. There are a lot of other rooms that would gladly give at least $500. However, what I like about this promo is that you’ll get as much as $200 regardless of the amount you deposit.

The clearing requirement is also relatively easy. All you have to do is play and earn Summit Points. Basically, you’ll get $0.06 for every Summit Point. The points are not that hard to earn so the $200 bonus is practically yours.  Places like Everest are much like any other site like an Absolute Poker or PartyPoker client when it comes to bonuses – in fact just by entering  the most recent Party Poker bonus code at info sites like ours you can be instantly eligible to get additional cash from playing at ring games and other tournaments that the site has to offer.

Everest Poker Competition

If I’m to pick the thing I like the most about Everest Poker, it would be their soft competition level. The network’s market is mostly filled with beginners. This is understandable because their promotion is aimed towards the inexperienced. So basically, the room is filled with new players with little or no experience in real money poker. They are all practically fishes! Most of the actions in Everest Poker are loose with viewed-flop percentages ranging from 50-60%. To top it off, these loose actions can be found even in the highest stakes tables. Any skilled player can clean most tables and take home the cash.

Everest Poker Rewards System

The Everest Poker’s rewards system is based primarily on Summit Points. You can easily earn these points every time you play in raked games. In ring games, 1 Summit Point is earned for every $1 rake. 8 Summit Points, on the other hand, is earned for every $1 tournament fee. They also have this promo that allows some players to earn points faster. The first two players to seat on a table will earn double points. This is great especially for dedicated multi-table players.

The points can be used to purchase seats in real money tournaments and exchange for merchandises in their online store. Aside from these two options, you can also use the points in a special table. This is actually fun. It is just like playing in a play money table. The only difference is that Summit Points are used as chips.

Everest Poker Deposit Options

Everest Poker supports most major credit card providers. They also allow the use of e-wallets like Moneybookers and Neteller. Other deposit options include Western Union, direct banking and Paysafecard. Like deposits, withdrawals are also relatively easy to conduct.

Everest Poker Support

If you’re part of the VIP members, you can reach the customer support through email, live chat and phone. Otherwise, you can only use email. If you ask me, contacting them through email is more than enough. They respond quickly. More often than not, you will get a reply within 24 hours. The support is available in 16 different languages, a feature the network is really proud of.

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